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Wheel Care

We are Focused on the "Little" Things

Inside gas cap areas, interior of wheels, honey comb grilles, trim, gutters, air vents... you name it we focus on the areas you probably didn't even know existed or thought could be cleaned!  Our car detailing results will surprise you!

Professional Car Show Detailing.  2003 Nissan 350Z.

We Are Serious About Detailing

We do more than just auto detailing ... we also detail RVs, PWCs, Boats, and even Shoes (Yes, really)!

We have over 4 years experience performing Ceramic Coating applications with IGL Coatings, CarPros, Element 119, R1 Coatings, Ceramic Pro, and HydroSilex (to name a few).

We also perform home services like stone polishing, stone ceramic coating and sealing, furniture cleaning and sealing, as well as glass.

Certified Ceramic Coating Professionals. Chevy Tahoe Z71 pictured.

Why Choose Us?

We strive to provide our clients with the best possible experience and results.  We are fully registered, IDA certified, and fully insured.  We don’t stop there; we have also have over 19 years of professional show car detailing and mobile detailing experience, we use the best products available on the market, we are veteran owned / operated, and we strive to make you a customer for life!

Wax is an old technology and we believe you deserve only the best touching your investments.  That is why we are also certified to install different ceramic coatings for 6 different ceramic coating companies, some providing a LIFETIME of protection for you vehicles!  Be a part of a select group of customers that will NEVER have to wax their vehicle again!

take a look at Our 2003 Nissan 350Z permanent Ceramic Coatin

Kind of hard to believe something can stay this way for over 9 years but it is true!  It is now protected from bug splatter, added UV protection, 9H clearcoat hardness from stock 3H hardness, scratch resistance, 1800+ degree heat protection, extreme salt protection during the winter and living on the shorelines, and superior graffiti and acid resistance.  Want this level of protection for your investment, contact us today to discuss your options or head over to our ceramic coating section now!

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We love our customers!  Please contact us by phone, email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, YouTube or Google for more information.  We offer convenient car drop off for most detailing services.  We also provide a full line of mobile detailing options.

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